The Puppy of the Month Book Club is a collection of science-fiction and fantasy fans who favor the open minded diversity of works approved by the Sad Puppy and Rabid puppy collectives.  Puppy related works are on the table as well, provided they meet the same standards of high-quality, swashbuckling fun, and healthy disregard for the political requirements imposed by the entryists and tastemakers (i.e. the CHORFs.)

During the first week of each month, Contributors will post an analysis, or review, or random thoughts on the Book of the Month.  The book will be selected by the 15th of the previous month, providing ample time to read the work and prepare a brief blog post.  The remainder of each month will be spent discussing that work both through new posts, providing links and discussion to other analyses of that work, and whatever else strikes the fancy of the Contributors - provided that each blog post relates back to the Book of the Month.

Participation in the Puppy of the Month Book Club is not limited solely to Contributors.  Contributors are merely those willing to commit to reading and posting on each book.  Anyone who wants to read the Book of the Month, or has read it, are welcome to join in the conversation as well. 

So what makes a book a viable candidate for Puppy Of the Month?  Easy:
  • Any novel nominated by the Sad Puppies for a Hugo nomination
  • Any novel nominated by the Rabid Puppies for a Hugo nomination
  • Any work listed in Appendix N of Gary Gygax's D&D Dungeon Master's Guide
  • Any work published by Castalia House
  • Any work selected by a Contributor that isn't shouted down by the rest of the contributors as an inappropriate selection
The only other criteria for selection is that the work has to be reasonably readable in two weeks, including shipping.  No 1,000 page magnum opuses.  Selected works should also be readily available, preferably through Gutenberg Project, Amazon.com, or one of the remaining major paper book chains.  We avoid any work that requires multiple trips to boutique booksellers or 'knowing a guy what knows a guy' - if we can't all find it we can't all read it, and hence we can't all discuss it.

If you're the kind of reader that loves writing about books, and talking about books, almost as much as you like reading them, and you find the modern Hugo's contempt for sci-fi and fantasy fans aggravating, then this just might be the Book Club for you.  Stop by and join in the fun.