Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Additonal Reading: The Schuyler Hernstrom Edition

Much has been made this month about Hernstrom's work and how it manages to "regress harder" while simultaneously feeling fresh and new.  Although his voice is unique in these times of over-whelming pink slime literature, he wears his inspiration on his writing sleeve.  So far just this month, discussion of his work has name checked a few of the best and brightest pre-1980 writers.  For those looking for stories with the same feel and vision as those found in Thune's Vision, here are a few recommendations from the editors, complete with Amazon links for easy shopping:

Cirsova Magazine
  • In addition to publishing several of Herstrom's short stories and novella's, this is the single best source for new short fiction that stands shoulder to shoulder with Schuyler Hernstrom's work.
Poul Andersen
  • Hrolf Kraki's Saga - A Viking tale of battles, magic, betrayal, and kings, strongly reminiscent of The Saga Of Adalwolf.
  • The High Crusade - The free English knighthood commandeers a space ship in service to the King and Crown.
  • The Broken Sword - A complex web of betrayal and redemption that revolves around a changeling prince and his elven-raised human brother.  A fine mythic tale of witches, kings, and elves.
Jack Vance
  • Dying Earth - A series of novellas featuring a rogue's gallery conniving to out-rogue even less honorable men than the protagonists.  These tales evoke the same sensibilities as Ecology of the Unicorn.
Richard Uitvlugt
  • In the Day's of the Witch-Queens - A recent work, this novel was recommended by Castalia House as, "old school swords and sorcery fiction in the same vein as Thune’s Vision," I haven't read it yet.  If you have and you concur, let us know!

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