Wednesday, March 15, 2017

April's Puppy: Souldancer, by Brian Niemeier

When we last left Mithgar back in September, at the end of the roller coaster ride through hell that is Nethereal, a goddess had been reborn and fire fell from the skies, scorching Mithgar and the rest of the known universe. Ending on this cliffhanger left us wondering what would happen next to the dying universe of the Soul Cycle.

Let's find out.
Twenty years after the old world ended in fire, Xander Sykes travels the deserts of a drastically changed Mithgar. His fascination with the world he never knew—along with his strange abilities—divides him from his clan. But otherworldly forces interrupt his exile. 
Pursued by enemies from above and beneath the world, Xander bands together with an ambassador from hell, his heavenly bodyguard, and a reformed guildsman seeking to right his order’s wrongs. 
The search for answers leads to a vast, decaying city haunted by a presence as tormented as it is deadly. Xander finds a survivor who may give purpose to his nameless longing—if he can help her escape the terror that stalks them both.
April's Puppy of the Month is Souldancer, by Brian Niemeier. Winner of the Dragon Award for Best Horror Novel, it is the sequel to September 2016's Puppy of the Month Nethereal.


  1. Thanks, Nathan! I can't wait to find out what you, Jon, and the FP think of Souldancer.

  2. Great choice! True story: I bought this months ago, read the first few chapters, and then stopped specifically because I wanted to wait and read it with the club. Nate and Frisky's analysis helped me enjoy Nethereal far more than I would have had I read it alone.