Sunday, September 4, 2016

Congratulations, Souldancer!

The Dragon Awards just announced that the sequel to this month's Puppy of the Month title has won Best Horror Novel for 2016.

If the sequel is as fun as Nethereal, the award is well earned.  The first in the series is a strange and creative descent into a hell that operates on rules that are alien, understandable, and frightening in their implications.

Congratulations, Brian Niemeier, on the award. 

Congratulations also on demonstrating that the mass of sci-fi and fantasy fans recognize quality works regardless of source.  When presented with a level playing field and a process that doesn't actively work to exclude 'the wrong kind of fans', even common fans insulated from the back alley politicking recognize the high quality of Puppy-approved works.

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  1. Thanks for congratulating Souldancer on its Dragon win. And thank you for the in-depth review of Nethereal.