Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More Niemeier

Geek Gab is an apolitical talk show that wanders through the many varied halls of geek culture, with a heavy emphasis on books.  Turns out Brian Niemeier is the co-host of the weekly geeky webseries, Geek Gab, along with Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal.  It took me three episodes to notice the Brian on the show is that BrianIt wasn't until this most recent episode, when Brian goes off an a brief jag about Nethereal that it finally clicked.  The interview with Declan Finn is a nice introduction to an author buried somewhere in my own reading queue, but the early portion has direct ties to the current Puppy of the Month.  Of particular note:
  • Turns out Nethereal is pronounced exactly the same as the word ethereal, but with an 'N'.  I'd always read it in my head as a conflation of 'nether' and 'real'.
  • The prologue of Souldancer isn't a direct step-off from Nethereal.  Apparently, something that throws a lot of readers off - if you read the sequel, that's something to keep in mind. 
  • Daddy Warpig's bombastic introduction tapers off after a minute or two, and he starts to talk like a normal person.  That intro was offputting to me, but over the last few episodes, it's grown on me to the point that I look forward to it each week.
The show is live-streamed each week, and apparently there is a live text-chat associated with it that gets pretty lively.  I always block out quiet drive times for my listening enjoyment, so can't vouch for that personally.

The show is available through Soundcloud (link), or via the YouTube channel (link).

To keep the recommendation on point, this is the recent episode with a few more insights into the Soul Cycle universe.

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  1. Thought I should pop in to say thanks for promoting Geek Gab. We're rather proud of our little show, which has seen the likes of Larry Correia, John C. Wright, Adam Baldwin, and Razorfist as guest hosts. Of course, I encourage readers to give it a listen.

    A brief comment on Souldancer's prologue: Dorrinal caught me slightly off guard, which resulted in me indulging in a bit of hyperbole. The prologue's POV character is Almeth Elocine, whom Nathan has just pointed out is mentioned in Nethereal.

    To give readers an idea of how the action chronicled in Souldancer relates to Nethereal chronologically, SD's prologue takes place in a transcendent, eternal realm, but Almeth and Cleolin are arriving there from 500 years before the events of Nethereal.

    The main action of Souldancer, starting with chapter 1, takes place 20 years after Nethereal ends. Although SD doesn't pick up immediately where Nethereal left off, both books share intimate connections of character, plot, and theme.