Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Next Puppy: Swan Knight's Son, by John C. Wright

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Multiple Hugo Award Nominee, Nebula Award finalist, and frequent target of the CHORFs, John C. Wright is well regarded as one of the intellectual heavy-weights of the Puppy movement.  His blog serves as a verbal lembas for we few, we happy few caught up in the fight against Mordor on the Hudson.  His writing, both blog and print, provides sustenance for the mind and soul on our journey from this world into the next.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of reading his works already knows that his writing combines a strong dose of intellectualism with a fairy tale sense of wonder, and that he leavens that surprising combination with enough action and adventure to make the reader's head spin.  It is with great pleasure that the Puppy of the Month Book Club has selected Swan Knight's Son as the December novel. 

If you enjoy this book you won't have to wait for years on end to find out what happens next.  The second book in the Green Knight's Squire series, Feast of the Elfs, is already available through Amazon.  In addition, Vox Day has also confirmed that the third book in the series, Swan Knight's Sword, should be out before Christmas. 


  1. Good choice. While I prefer his science fiction over his fantasy, both are inventive while still drawing on a wide array of SFF and literature. I do hope he or Jagi might drop by; the first question I have is if the Moths of Swan Knight's Square have any relation to the Moths of the Rachel Griffin series.

  2. Jagi has stopped by the Book Club in the past. Back in September she requested "Somewhither", which is a great book. (Full disclosure: I'm currently recording the audiobook for that book.) So it shouldn't come as a shock if she or John C. Wright show up in the comments.

    Frankly, this was a toss-up. The tie-breaker was the impending release of the next books in this series compared to the unknown release dates for more books in the Unwithering Realm series.