Monday, November 28, 2016

Thune's Vision: Other Hot Takes

We here at The Puppy of the Month Book Club like to select a wide variety of works to discuss.  Last month we selected the well known classic, Nine Princes In Amber.  This month's selection, Thune's Vision, is considerably more recent.  As a result, there just isn't a whole lot of links available to reviews of Hernstrom's collection.  Which means that the Puppy of the Month Book Club is doing what it was designed to do - help trigger discussions about worthy books.

Nonetheless, the editors have scoured the internet and found a few gems worthy of note.  Of course you can always read a few of the glowing reviews at, but we prefer to link to those with a dedicated web presence, like these fine fellows:

No One Writes Dames Like Schuyler Hernstrom (Cirsova)
"Probably one of the hardest part of writing dames is conveying just how gorgeous and desirable they are. Some writers are content to just tell us outright that they’re pretty, beautiful, hot, whatever.  Others might try to throw at us ‘garments clinging to their supple form’, ‘milky thighs’, ‘ample bosoms’, or ‘pert upturned breasts’ if they’re really reaching.  Schuyler Hernstrom’ll either make you step your game up or give it up."
Review: Thune’s Vision (The Frisky Pagan) - This was linked to previously, and is included here because it's the most complete review, it's funny, and for the sake of easy reference:
Recommended for: People who enjoy good and strong writing, those who want to go back to the real roots of fantasy, pulp fans, and people who like to think about what they read. For fans of R.E. Howard, Burroughs, and Jack Vance this should be a no-brainer.
Not recommended for: Spineless cowards, soviet agents of International Communism, people who enjoy being laughed at, and lovers of young adult fantasy fodder.

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