Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

The year of our lord 2016 saw just four books discussed in these posts, and they ran the gamut.  From far-flung sci-fi to whimsical fairy tales, from full blown epics to short story collections, and from long established old masters to brand spanking new authors, we've already done more in one quarter of a year than most book clubs do in a lifetime.  No doubt 2017 will expand our horizons ever further.

While the year is destined to start off by looking back to one of the all time great futures, where the Book Club goes from there is anyone's guess.  For those of you who have discovered the Book Club only recently, you can read a primer on how we operate by clicking on the "About" tab above.  It's a great place to start to help ease you into the new year.

There's still plenty of room for more Contributors.  If you've enjoyed following our antics, and have the drive to commit to a few posts a month, you can enter the list to select a work that you're dying to discuss.  Or just drop a few names in the comments section, and maybe one of our Contributors will throw you a bone.  It's a brand new year - anything could happen!