Thursday, December 29, 2016

Swan Knight's Son: Chapter Eleven

The final chapter of Swan Knight's Son is little more than a denouement.  Gil returns the kidnapped baby to its mother and earn his the earthly rewards. 

That he so misjudged how his actions would be seen by the 'normies' of the town is unsurprising given the wisdom he had shown moments earlier when dealing with the Erlkoenig, the Winter King.  Either Wright dropped the ball here, or Gil is still learning and hasn't quite figured out how to slide through the Twilight.  We'll give Wright and Gil both a break.  It's Gil's day on the job, so he can be forgiven for making a few minor mistakes. 

And that, dear reader, closes out The Swan Knight's Son. 

Thank you for reading along with us.  We'll see you next year when we start off 2017 with a bang by reading Shambleau.  My exposure to C.L. Moore has been limited, maliciously if Jeffro is to be believed, so I'm looking forward to reading a work by this undeservedly forgotten old master.


  1. Gil has vowed not to lie, and correctly believes that the anointing of blood on his tongue will let others hear the truth in his voice.

    His error was thinking that people were against him because they thought he was lying. This is understandable because in previous fights, people have called him liar and then Gil starts them. But even if they had not called him liar, there still would have been a fight to stop whatever they were doing. People were against Gil because he was unashamedly good. So since Gil thought they were against him because they thought he was lying, we can certainly excuse him for thinking that since they realize he was not lying, that they will be with him.

    And do we not want a 16-year-old boy fresh in the glory of his first fight and victory to tell the truth? And keep the vow he made when he was 10?

    So Wright knows exactly what he is doing, and Gil is acting completely in character, and this is a learning experience for him, that will help him later.

  2. In Feast of the Elfs, we learn that there's a little more going on with the arrest than Gil now sees. The Sleeping King still holds authority on Earth...